Sunday, July 12, 2009

Food Part 2

Part two of food blogs. I will put 25 in each section, so check them all out.

This is a blog dedicated to Panini, those wonderful hot, melty sandwiches.

I love Greek food and this blog.

A site for learning how to preserve food in many ways.

A really nice Mexican food blog.

Copycat recipes.

Lots of camping recipes.

How to make cheese and the recipes for it.

Tons of chocolate recipes, YUM!

Awesome baking site!

A nice blog with Native American recipes.

Awesome breadmaking site.

A really nice food blog.

Sometimes I cheat and use frozen bread dough. This site has lots of recipes for that.

This is a foodie lovers blog.

Another really great baking blog!

Good food here!

I love Cajun anything!

A site for chefs, Im there!

A site that uses only ramen noodles!

I love shopping at Trader Joes.......and they have recipes here too.


Lists of crafts of all kinds.

I like this blog.....its a daily listing of craft ideas they find all over the web. They have theme days too like today is about embroidery patterns for free. Sometimes its DIY ideas, sometimes crafts.

Some free cross stitch patterns.

A big list of free apron patterns. Aprons are back! Check below the list too there are more.

Felting and other crafts.

Tons of knitting patterns.

Lots of free Vogue knitting patterns.

Lots of knit and crochet patterns, a nice site.

A nice crochet site with advice and patterns.

All sorts of fun things made from paper or paper items.

Tons of free quilt patterns.

A crazy blog with wild things people knit.

Children's crafts.


These are some interesting shopping sites.

Did you know Habitat for Humanity has stores? I didn't.

I love the linens from this site. Ive bought several and they are worth the price and well priced too.

A place to find Heirloom seeds.

A directory for thrift stores all over the country.

Did you know Goodwill has online shopping? I didn't.

I love this pottery and have a couple pieces.

Beautiful handmade jewelry.


These are blogs I like to peruse for decorating ideas.

A really funny blog about bad decorating ideas.

A really nice decorating blog.

One of my very favorites.

The Shabby Chic blog by Rachel Ashwell.

Just a nice Australian beach cottage blog.

Lots of great decorating ideas.

Anything house related.

I love this site. Peeks into home all across America.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I collect mermaids and anything related to them. So these are sites that Ive found related to that, which I love. I stumbled upon this site by accident. Found some excerpts about old mermaids from the book she was writing and was hooked. I bought the book which you see the cover of up there and loved it.

Herbs, etc.

Herb blogs for growing and recipes for cooking. Also therapies and medicinal uses.

This is a blog and and a magazine you can subscribe to if you want. Just click on the picture to check it out. This lady has several blogs dealing with different things and has become a friend of mine so tell her I sent you if you comment. Shes a sweetie. She has an herbal, astrology, a personal, and a blog about Mayan studies.
This is the site link for Susan Albert who writes the Chyna Bayles Herb Mystery books. There are several links on this site for her other books and things.

This site is about going greener and herbs.

An interesting blog about exotic spices.

Lots of natural and herbal remedies.

One of the best herb sites around.

Jim Long's blog. He wrote for The Herb Companion magazine.

All about soapnuts.

Oregon blogs and sites

Since Im moving up that way, Im separating these out so I can find them easier. Lots of yummy recipes. This is a Portland food, restaurant and market guide.

A blog from Lincoln City, Oregon. I hope to land around that area soon.